Why Free At Last?

This class teaches Biblical principles as the means of overcoming personal obstacles in the way of success. A very intimate and interactive environment is provided in a group setting that is conducive to addressing and sharing individual needs.

So what is so unique about the Free at Last model? As attendees learn to apply principles of truthfulness and obedience, a specific technique is also taught to empower them to overcome their circumstances during the healing process. That technique which makes Free at Last so life-changing is Engrafting God’s Word — a means of renewing the mind and conquering oppressive belief systems.

Through Engrafting God’s Word, individuals will uncover the hidden treasures of God’s Word that will challenge, empower, motivate and build them up to live out their life’s purpose. Participants will learn to speak power and faith back into their lives and see dramatic results as they make new choices. God’s Word trumps all negativity and the mere speaking of it shatters darkness as it strengthens and upholds, heals, restores and sets captives free. Engrafting is the means by which mediocrity is transformed into success, fear into confidence, pride into meekness so that individuals can achieve their goals with a clear conscience and reach their potential.

Group Format...

  • Customized format, e.g. group settings or lecture
  • Curriculum based on principles of freedom and liberty contained in course book, Free at Last
  • Personalizing/engrafting Scriptures, as set forth in the book, The Transforming Power of Engrafting God’s Word
  • Interaction/Participation
  • Questionnaires and Assessments to target individual goals
  • Applications/Journaling/Class Assignments