Endorsements & Testimonials

The following are endorsements and testimonials received corresponding to the specific book. You may purchase these books by going to the “Books” page.


Free at Last – Principles of Personal Revival & Deliverance

“At a time when just about everything one hears about counseling is psychological—both in and out of the Church—it is so refreshing to hear Carole’s clarion voice ring out in favor of God’s standard: His Word. I believe psychology is a subversive attack on God’s Church and His people, and that the antidote is His Word. Carole will help you find the answers you need, as well as how to apply the Word of God to any and all problems and issues” --- Lynda Allyson Doty, Ph.D., A Woman’s Place Ministries, Winnsboro, South Carolina.

“Carole Keller cuts to the chase in her stellar work, FREE AT LAST.  If you want to be set free from every weight and the sins that so easily beset you, if you want to be set free from traumatic experiences from your past, this book is for you. There are no unnecessary fillers, just truth culled from God’s Word and applied to the lives of real people. By following the steps outlined in this book, you will experience God in a realm that will elevate your spirit. You will be set free from any kind of bondage and you will find a happiness and contentment that you once thought impossible. So much of modern counseling focuses on the why’s, but offers no answers. This book focuses on the how’s—how to be set free! As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Social Worker, I can tell you the principles taught in this book are solid and life changing”—Rev. Gerald C. McLean, UPCI Missionary to Nigeria, West Africa.

"I am a living example of what God can do with someone in emotional bondage. I was filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name in October of 1996. I had always considered myself strong in my faith, but for one year from 2007 to 2008, I felt so lost I did not know if I was coming or going. I read the Bible daily, but it was not coming alive to me. Then I took the inner healing and restoration class, “There is Healing in His Wings,” through the FREE AT LAST RESTORATION MINISTRIES. After applying the Biblical principle of surrender and engrafting God’s Word (speaking it forth until your heart grabs it and then applying it), I saw a remarkable change in my life. More importantly, I have come to know better who I am in Christ. I recommend this teaching to anyone who wants a closer walk with God, especially anyone who feels emotionally bruised, because there definitely is HEALING IN HIS WINGS!" – Carol Graper, Stoughton, Wisconsin (May 2008)

"Free at Last has helped to change my life from a life-time of abuses/drug abuse and low worth and self-esteem. Using the tools and God’s Word so intricately outlined with simplicity in this book has attributed to a healing and being set free of the past, preparing me to achieve all that God has intended for me according to His Word and His will." – Linda Milanowski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (10/2004). Note: Linda currently is teaching these principles in small groups.

"I attended a Free at Last Class back in 1999. I cannot begin to tell what a blessing it has been. The Biblical principles that I learned in Free at Last transformed my Christian walk. I learned about the power of engrafting God's Word in my heart, and it has empowered me to receive healing in many areas of my life, specially in the area of Post Abortion Syndrome. Today, I have taught those same principles that have brought me so much peace to women in the prison system and am preparing to teach Free at Last to both men and women who have suffered from the devastating consequences of abortion. I am looking forward to the deliverance, peace, and healing God will provide through these classes. I am very grateful to Jesus for Free at Last. It truly changed my life." — Esther Bahringer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (6/16/07).

“The lesson was on having a clear conscience. I realized I had to go to my husband to confess my sin and to ask him to forgive me. Humbling myself before my husband was the hardest thing I ever had to do. When I did, I started to cry, as the Lord was softening my hardness of heart toward him. At this point, God started to restore my relationship with my husband. I asked my children, in the presence of my husband, to forgive me for my disrespect toward him. As I continued to apply God’s Word, God made me bolder and more confident to speak my opinion in my family, when I was hurt, when I disagreed with something, or when I became upset. And the miracle is that, when I brought these things into the light, my anger left me. Obeying God’s laws, it makes you want tomorrow to come, because there is light and hope in God’s Word…if you know how, you can see things clear. So many people wake up every day and they are fearful because they do not see any light; there is no answer to their problem.” — Cheryl Horst (1995)


Soaring Above the Past on Wings as Eagles

"Soaring Above the Past on Wings as Eagles has made an eternal impact on my life. Recognizing that I am perpetrator and not always a victim in my relationships and asking forgiveness for being so, is freeing and liberating. The biblical principals in this book, as I have applied them, have freed me from my past. As I have learned these truths I am teaching them to my 12 year old son and he is applying them as well, and we are witnessing God's hand at work! I have numerous testimonies directly related to Carole's class in teaching the contents of this book. It is my hope that everyone seeking healing, restoration and a deeper relationship with God would read this book." – Jenni Nusberger


From Ashes to Glory-Restoration and Revival Through the Tabernacle Plan

"It is a distinct honor to endorse Ashes to Glory penned by Carole Keller, a brilliant and prolific author. Carole Keller is an influential, kind-hearted Christian who has a genuine passion for the natural and spiritual well-being of people. She also is a true advocate of prayer and a faithful intercessor.  Ashes to Glory is a must read for those who desire to experience divine restoration and to be transformed by the supernatural power of God through His Spirit, and His Word, prayer, and other biblical practical applications. One can discover how to become an overcomer and acquire a greater knowledge of how to effectively rise from despairing depths to heavenly heights and enter into new spiritual dimensions in Christ. The reader can take a profound and constructive journey that highlights personal and powerful encounters with God in the process of experiencing the ashes from sacrifices, trials, and the circumstances of life that releases blessings, victories, and the manifestation of God's glory. This all helps to lead to a destination of restoration…from ashes to glory!  The contents of Ashes to Glory are captivating; the insights are inspiring; and the principles are phenomenal. I am confident that this book will be a life-changing experience, and also a great blessing for those who are privileged to read and apply it. Thank you Carole Keller for giving this world a gift, so that all will know greater how God can restore to a condition beyond our greatest expectations!" – Flow Shaw, Director, World Network of Prayer (UPCI)

"My journey From Ashes to Glory began with Free at Last, another book which laid the foundation for forgiveness. I learned that to have total forgiveness with others is to understand why I was offended in the first place. It began with a desire to have a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus and for me to be a better Christian. That began to happen when I started to go deeper into repentance and learned how important it is to apply God's words by doing them. I began surrendering those who have offended me at the cross and desperately asking Jesus why I was so sensitive to certain situations. Praying until I broke through with intersession, Jesus began to reveal to me my own faults and the reasons why and how I was dealing with offenses was injuring my relationships.     Not until then, did I realize that I was putting up walls with those who I am close with who have hurt me in the past. At first I was insisting that I had forgiving them, but when certain circumstances would arise I would find myself to be quick tempered and then feel rejected because I didn't understand why would they treat me that way. I never thought my negative actions towards them required me to apologize and ask for their forgiveness because after all they are the ones who are acting insensitive to my feelings.     Jesus, in a very personal and loving way revealed to me why I reacted to certain situations and He has helped me to see my own selfishness and pride. When I feel rejected, hurt or threatened I would develop unhealthy behaviors to deal with it by putting up walls, ignoring them by silent treatment, and by placing unrealistic expectations on them and myself therefore causing continued conflict.  Seeking Jesus' principles when I feel offended or wronged has led me to examine my heart first. That helps me to assure the real issues so I can better respond with God's grace and mercy and ask for forgiveness if I was the one offending them. Regardless if they understand me or not, it's now my conscience telling me to seek after God's knowledge and wisdom first so I can do the right thing. With a clean conscience I am free to love myself and others too. That is being free at last!" – Amy Kalski


The Transforming Power of Engrafting God’s Word

“The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word is a well written, easily understood challenge to not just memorize the Word of God, but to make it part of one's life. The easy reading style of the book does not minimize the profound truths that are being disseminated in such an articulate way. Embracing the truths of this book can transform any person into a power house for God. It will soon become part of the required curriculum at the National Bible School in Nigeria and hopefully, someday around the world. It should be "must reading" for all new converts, as well as seasoned saints.” - Gerald C. McLean, UPCI Missionary, Nigeria, West Africa

"When I had cancer, I realized that the best way for me to fight the cancer and the emotional trauma associated with it was to put positive and Godly thoughts in my mind every day. I relied heavily on three main books that I read on a daily basis throughout the duration of my cancer treatment:The Bible, and Carole Keller's books - There's Healing in His Wings and The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word . I recited every scripture out loud. There was such a powerful spirit of truth and faith emanating from the books that ministered to my spirit and upheld me during a very stressful time in my life." – Sharon Jadrnicek


There’s Healing in His Wings

“Carole Keller has a genuine burden to help those who are hurting emotionally. I am confident that this book will both encourage and strengthen those who struggle with the emotional pain of damaged relationships, or negative feelings about themselves. Her writing captures the deep love she has for the Word of God. That love is not based on theory, but rather on her own personal experience. Those who will diligently study and apply the Biblical principles set forth in this book will encounter a new level of peace in their lives, along with a deeper understanding of God’s love for them. Carole has succeeded in providing more than just temporary encouragement. She has presented lasting truth and direction for those willing to  accept it. I pray that you open your hear as you read, and allow God to do  a  sovereign  work in your life” – Rev. Robert J. Kurz, M.A., Counselor, Director of New Heights Counseling, Oak Creek, Wisconsin


The Law of the Spirit

"Christians have always struggled with being good when their motivation was to validate their own redemption. It is when we are motivated by the love of God that we follow the Spirit's leading with thankfulness. The Law of the Spirit will give you a glimpse into what really makes us followers of Jesus Christ" – Anthony Tamel, Pastor of Parkway Apostolic Church, Oak Creek, Wisconsin


The Power of One

"Once again Carole Keller has written an outstanding book on a topic that is a must read for every Christian. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our Christian faith and all other teachings are built on Him as the Chief-Cornerstone. This book will help you understand how Yahweh of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ of the New Testament are ONE of the same. Jesus said, 'Let them be ONE as we are ONE.' There is a revelation of power that comes with understanding the only ONE God and being ONE with Him. Carole Keller has revealed her passion and excitement about this truth, and it will invigorate everyone who takes time to read this book. There will be added appreciation for the God we serve and added power in your life with this understanding." – Genevieve Miller, Missionary to Asia

THE POWER OF ONE came into the possession of two men during their stay at Racine Correctional Institution. They gave the following testimonies:

"THE POWER OF ONE brings to the forefront what the Devil hates the most, the Name of Jesus. THE POWER OF ONE has furthered my relationship with Jesus. I have learned key strategies gleaned from Scripture that help fight the Devil and his darts, and it all started with my personal understanding of the essence of the one true God. When you come to understand just what you can accomplish with the full revelation of the Oneness of God, and His One Name, you will be able to struggle to fight your way past your worst stronghold sins. We must all learn to abide in the Oneness of God; by "abide," I mean live in and rely on...This book makes it very clear that reliance on secular knowledge is self-defeating." - Adam O'Hara

"Your book, THE POWER OF ONE, has been instrumental in my walk with God. I always believed in the One True God and had faith in the one true God, but I really could not explain it to someone, because I had not had the revelation from God. Through the revelation God gave you and your book… He revealed Himself to me. Also, I would like to thank you for FREE AT LAST. ... Because of the lessons I found myself in a closer relationship with God. The Holy Spirit in me has been working on a whole new level through prayer and confession, and an openness not only with God, but with others around me." – Daniel Johnson