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  • Do you have a difficult time listening to what others are saying in a conflict? Do you find it difficult to admit your own faults out of shame? Learn how to separate the blame from the guilt and restore peace in your marriage and self-respect.

  • Do you wrap everything in dark colors and negative, foreboding tones? Do you feel justified in judging others for their faults? Do you realize when you speak negatively, you harden your own heart and actually cause your words to come to pass in your own life? Negativity destroys hope and lays a groundwork for failure. Learn the power of God’s spoken word and how engrafting it increases confidence and power with God as it shatters darkness and brings in the light of a new day.

  • Have you experienced rejection? Learn how rejection feeds into loneliness and other depressive emotions and how a greater revelation of God’s love will restore self worth and increase your circle of friends. You will see your value and purpose and find grace to love even your own enemies. You will engage freely, lower expectation of others, and this will cause you to love and accept others as yourself.

  • How do you react to criticism? Are you verbally abusive? Anger often is a learned behavior from unmet needs. We use it to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. But you can acquire meekness and self-control when facing your giants. Learn how engrafting God’s Word will not only tame your tongue and manage your angry responses when challenged, but lay the groundwork for forgiveness. Forgiveness is what sets us free.

  • Do you find yourself plagued by character flaws that follow you wherever you go? Maybe you are rigid around some people, isolative, impatient, defensive, anxious/fearful, or sad. These are learned behaviors that are barriers to your spiritual growth and keep you from walking in the Spirit. Learn how to overcome fear, condemnation, anxiety and cross over into your promised land.

  • Do you live under the scourge of past offenses or emotional abuse? You can cross over and walk away from fear when you learn to face the giants of your past. The most liberating principle for freedom is simply telling the truth. You have been given the right by God to live freely. In the seminar, the destructive power of repressing one’s fears and strongholds that develop and pass on to succeeding generations are exposed. Learn how to positively confront abusive and intimidating people in your life and obtain self-respect.

You may format a seminar that is tailor made to fit your particular needs. Your seminar might include such topics as:

  • Discovering your Worth
  • Confronting Abuse
  • Forgiveness the Price of Freedom
  • Emotional and Spiritual Healing
  • Separating Blame from Guilt in Conflicts
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • Keys to Manage Anger
  • The Transforming Power of Engrafting God’s Word

To schedule a seminar that is individualized to your particular needs, please click here.