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America is becoming another country because America has forsaken her God. If America is going to survive, God’s people are going to have to fight for it, and not with guns, but by bringing Him into their struggle. Christians themselves have to choose whether they will follow God or man, for the power, majesty, and victory that had always come through for America came through the faithfulness of God in covenant with His people. And when God’s people prayed and their cause was just, He fought for this nation. While we may have lost some battles, if we turn back to God with all our heart, we will rebuild the spiritual walls that have been broken down through neglect. This will be our greatest homeland security. Read this book and you will discern the power of that covenant and find a path back to God. Then the light will again shine upon America and the heathen will not say, “Where is their God?”

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FREE AT LAST is a blue print for overcoming negativity and addictive behaviors that keep recycling in one scenario after the other. It is a must read for anyone who has been a victim of drug abuse, marital abuse, child abuse, or anyone dealing with adult child issues and a less than fulfilling life based on past hurts, pains and unforgiveness. Whether you have been a victim, victimizer, or are seeking a healing in your life, this book has the answers. Based on Biblical teachings and learning to use the Word to the full power of it, this book has all the tools to help you develop into the potential God has for you. The most liberating principle for freedom is simply telling the truth. Free at Last stresses the affirming power of speaking truthfully and confronting giants of the past as measured against the destructive power of repressing fears, anger, and injustices. There is not a more powerful principle for restoring life than to bring darkness into the light. A corresponding component introduced in this course is engrafting God's Word to renew the mind and conquer oppressive belief systems.

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Soaring Above the Past on Wings as Eagles

As victims, we clearly understand our need to forgive, but do not always see our own bitter root judgments, and, thus, our need to be forgiven. We continue to respond through our bitterness as victims, and not conquerors, because the root cause is still alive, and the learned behaviors (often acted out in our responses) follow us. This book shows you how forgiveness can sever the root and free you from the past.

"Soaring Above the Past on Wings as Eagles has made an eternal impact on my life. Recognizing that I am perpetrator and not always a victim in my relationships and asking forgiveness for being so, is freeing and liberating. The biblical principals in this book, as I have applied them, have freed me from my past. As I have learned these truths I am teaching them to my 12 year old son and he is applying them as well, and we are witnessing God's hand at work! I have numerous testimonies directly related to Carole's class in teaching the contents of this book. It is my hope that everyone seeking healing, restoration and a deeper relationship with God would read this book."
– Jenni Nusberger

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From Ashes to Glory – Restoration and Revival through the Tabernacle Plan…

Long ago, God gave His people the Tabernacle Plan to dwell with Him. Today, the Tabernacle Plan embodies principles for effective prayer, because it connects humanity to Divinity in so many types and shadows. The Golden Candlestick, for example, represents Jesus as the light of the world. Everything in it, from the Altar to the Ark of the Covenant, reveals the Savior's love for the sinner and His plan to redeem him from every fault and inbred sin. Most important in this hour is that it restores the centrality of the cross, for there is no heavenly intervention or triumph without it. If we follow it, we will rise from ashes to glory, and experience the Savior walking in our midst, just like He walked with His disciples, for heaven has come down to earth.

    "It is a distinct honor to endorse Ashes to Glory penned by Carole Keller, a brilliant and prolific author. Carole Keller is an influential, kind-hearted Christian who has a genuine passion for the natural and spiritual well-being of people. She also is a true advocate of prayer and a faithful intercessor.
    Ashes to Glory is a must read for those who desire to experience divine restoration and to be transformed by the supernatural power of God through His Spirit, and His Word, prayer, and other biblical practical applications. One can discover how to become an overcomer and acquire a greater knowledge of how to effectively rise from despairing depths to heavenly heights and enter into new spiritual dimensions in Christ.
    The reader can take a profound and constructive journey that highlights personal and powerful encounters with God in the process of experiencing the ashes from sacrifices, trials, and the circumstances of life that releases blessings, victories, and the manifestation of God's glory. This all helps to lead to a destination of restoration…from ashes to glory!
    The contents of Ashes to Glory are captivating; the insights are inspiring; and the principles are phenomenal. I am confident that this book will be a life-changing experience, and also a great blessing for those who are privileged to read and apply it. Thank you Carole Keller for giving this world a gift, so that all will know greater how God can restore to a condition beyond our greatest expectations!"
– Flow Shaw, International Coordinator, World Network of Prayer (UPCI)


     "My journey From Ashes to Glory began with Free at Last, another book which laid the foundation for forgiveness. I learned that to have total forgiveness with others is to understand why I was offended in the first place. It began with a desire to have a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus and for me to be a better Christian. That began to happen when I started to go deeper into repentance and learned how important it is to apply God's words by doing them. I began surrendering those who have offended me at the cross and desperately asking Jesus why I was so sensitive to certain situations. Praying until I broke through with intersession, Jesus began to reveal to me my own faults and the reasons why and how I was dealing with offenses was injuring my relationships.
    Not until then, did I realize that I was putting up walls with those who I am close with who have hurt me in the past. At first I was insisting that I had forgiving them, but when certain circumstances would arise I would find myself to be quick tempered and then feel rejected because I didn't understand why would they treat me that way. I never thought my negative actions towards them required me to apologize and ask for their forgiveness because after all they are the ones who are acting insensitive to my feelings.
    Jesus, in a very personal and loving way revealed to me why I reacted to certain situations and He has helped me to see my own selfishness and pride. When I feel rejected, hurt or threatened I would develop unhealthy behaviors to deal with it by putting up walls, ignoring them by silent treatment, and by placing unrealistic expectations on them and myself therefore causing continued conflict.
    Seeking Jesus' principles when I feel offended or wronged has led me to examine my heart first. That helps me to assure the real issues so I can better respond with God's grace and mercy and ask for forgiveness if I was the one offending them. Regardless if they understand me or not, it's now my conscience telling me to seek after God's knowledge and wisdom first so I can do the right thing. With a clean conscience I am free to love myself and others too. That is being free at last!"
– Amy Kalski

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Sequel to From Ashes to Glory-Restoration and Revial through the Tabernacle Plan
The author describes how fetters and chains of the kingdom of darkness attach themselves through unresolved offenses and untreated wounds. She explains how unregenerated thoughts and feelings rooted in unforgiveness create strongholds of rebellion and pride, blind the righteous, and rob them of spiritual authority. By using the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, believers can break the power of darkness over them and take back dominion.

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Building a Tabernacle of Prayer

This booklet is designed to work as a companion to the above book, From Ashes to Glory-Restoration and Revival Through the Tabernacle Plan, but it also can be used independently as a prayer guide. The value of the Tabernacle Plan is not only that it reveals God’s plan of redemption, but also a pattern to dwell with Christ personally and connect to the power of His Divinity on a daily, moment-by-moment basis. Thus people who pray the Tabernacle Plan find safety, deliverance, healing, and miraculous intervention.

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The Father's Creation

The author questions the underlying tenets of naturalism on the basis of origin. She suggests that human rights, dignity, and intellectual potential existed long before science developed principles to advance the human race intellectually, physically, scientifically, philosophically, and morally. Where did the right of every person to think, process, compute, and choose, and further, to learn, acquire knowledge and wisdom come from? There had to have been an intelligent source at the point of origin to equip man with the ability to discover and implement processes, and manipulate his world successfully. Designed to restore the knowledge of the Creator in the earth, The Father's Creation is not based upon a theoretical or scientific approach to creation, but instead, renders a glimpse into its power and potential for every creature as purposed by the Creator. Because the Creator gave man a free will, it was inevitable that man would rise up against Him. So He put a plan right in the midst of the creation account to restore him. In recreation, the Creator frees the creature from the past so he can soar in the present. Through his Creator's knowledge, wisdom and understanding, he recaptures his lost potential and creates something of value that will glorify His Creator and spread His knowledge in the earth.

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The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word

Acquiring the discipline to speak positively can alter our destiny as the words we speak into existence establish our boundaries in life. In The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word, the author establishes the principles for engrafting God's Word. Believers who put into practice the principles set forth in this book will experience power to overcome any fault, wisdom to make wise choices, restored relationships, and intimacy with God, which leads to freedom. Engrafting will restore a love for truth as it gives birth to passion, convictions and boldness to speak them forth. Once engrafted, the Word will never come back void, but in ever temptation will guide us to do what is right. Therefore, the power of God's spoken Word will lead believers into a new dimension in this hour in which they will be able to discern truth from error, holiness from worldliness, because they have the mind of God.

The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word is a well written, easily understood challenge to not just memorize the Word of God, but to make it part of one's life. The easy reading style of the book does not minimize the profound truths that are being disseminated in such an articulate way. Embracing the truths of this book can transform any person into a power house for God. It will soon become part of the required curriculum at the National Bible School in Nigeria and hopefully, someday around the world. It should be "must reading" for all new converts, as well as seasoned saints.
- Gerald C. McLean, UPCI Missionary, Nigeria, West Africa

"When I had cancer, I realized that the best way for me to fight the cancer and the emotional trauma associated with it was to put positive and Godly thoughts in my mind every day. I relied heavily on three main books that I read on a daily basis throughout the duration of my cancer treatment:The Bible, and Carole Keller's books - There's Healing in His Wings and The Transforming Power of Engrafting God's Word . I recited every scripture out loud. There was such a powerful spirit of truth and faith emanating from the books that ministered to my spirit and upheld me during a very stressful time in my life."
– Sharon Jadrnicek

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There's Healing in His Wings

Carole Keller describes how your damaged emotions can be healed through the biblical principle of surrender. Surrendering crosses to God on a daily basis reduces stress, avoids conflict, and restores self worth through the power of the Holy Spirit when you stop working in your own power.

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The Law of the Spirit

In The Law of the Spirit, the author challenges the concept that the “law” is done away with. She suggests such thinking has contributed to today's toleration for unrighteousness and an overall departure from God's Word - spirituality without knowing the mind of the Spirit. Rather than abolish the law, Jesus fulfilled every bit of it, in Himself, becoming the very lamb slain to take away the sins of the world. Breaking the barrier between Himself and man, God ushered in a new law, the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, so that His laws are no longer written on tablets of stone, but written upon our hearts. His passion is for us to know Him personally and obey Him willingly, through faith, as heirs of the promise. By surrendering things that have held us captive, we can find grace to be led and empowered by the Spirit, and change our world!

"Christians have always struggled with being good when their motivation was to validate their own redemption. It is when we are motivated by the love of God that we follow the Spirit's leading with thankfulness. The Law of the Spirit will give you a glimpse into what really makes us followers of Jesus Christ"
– Anthony Tamel, Pastor of Parkway Apostolic Church, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

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The Power of One

There are so many substitutes in the world today seeking to draw believers from the love of God. Power of One lays a foundation for the restoration of God's people back to the One True God. If you want to put a hedge around yourself and your family to walk in God's righteousness, if you want power and God's anointing to abide with you, and if you want to experience unrepressed joy, liberty and boldness in declaring His Name, there is no greater revelation to acquire, none with such far-reaching impact, than that God is One. This book boldly declares Him.


"Once again Carole Keller has written an outstanding book on a topic that is a must read for every Christian. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our Christian faith and all other teachings are built on Him as the Chief-Cornerstone. This book will help you understand how Yahweh of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ of the New Testament are ONE of the same. Jesus said, 'Let them be ONE as we are ONE.' There is a revelation of power that comes with understanding the only ONE God and being ONE with Him. Carole Keller has revealed her passion and excitement about this truth, and it will invigorate everyone who takes time to read this book. There will be added appreciation for the God we serve and added power in your life with this understanding."
– Dr. Genevieve Miller, Missionary to Asia

THE POWER OF ONE came into the possession of two men during their stay at Racine Correctional Institution. They gave the following testimonies:

"THE POWER OF ONE brings to the forefront what the Devil hates the most, the Name of Jesus. THE POWER OF ONE has furthered my relationship with Jesus. I have learned key strategies gleaned from Scripture that help fight the Devil and his darts, and it all started with my personal understanding of the essence of the one true God. When you come to understand just what you can accomplish with the full revelation of the Oneness of God, and His One Name, you will be able to struggle to fight your way past your worst stronghold sins. We must all learn to abide in the Oneness of God; by "abide," I mean live in and rely on...This book makes it very clear that reliance on secular knowledge is self-defeating."
- Adam O'Hara

"Your book, THE POWER OF ONE, has been instrumental in my walk with God. I always believed in the One True God and had faith in the one true God, but I really could not explain it to someone, because I had not had the revelation from God. Through the revelation God gave you and your book… He revealed Himself to me. Also, I would like to thank you for FREE AT LAST. ... Because of the lessons I found myself in a closer relationship with God. The Holy Spirit in me has been working on a whole new level through prayer and confession, and an openness not only with God, but with others around me."
– Daniel Johnson

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STAND UP AMERICA - A Grassroots Bible Study to Restore Righteousness to the Land

Includes chapters on:
  1. How the hand of God and Judeo-Christian principles established the foundation of America from the Mayflower Compact through the U.S. Constitution
  2. How Christianity paved the way for self-government in America
  3. The Covenantal relationship between the colonial forefathers and God and how the Covenantal promises passed across generations.
  4. The cultural changes we see today, the trend toward one-world government and its impact upon America's Republic
  5. Apostolic Revival and restoration of the people
  6. The sacred rights and responsibilities of the people
  7. The liberating power of Biblical confrontation and how speaking the truth heals offenses, restores righteousness, and empowers the governed to stand up for Judeo-Christian principles in America.
The closing chapter is on America as a "city set upon a hill," the vision for America spoken into existence by John Winthrop 375 years ago, passed down to succeeding generations of Americans and reaffirmed in the 21st Century by President Ronald Reagan. A summary is given in the concluding chapter as to a course Christians can pursue to restore America's purpose and original vision. The book, containing numerous quotations from the Founding Fathers and democratic theorists in the founding of America, can also be used as a group bible study tool.

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