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Vision (1/2020) - by Flow Shaw, Director, World Network of Prayer, UPCI. "In a spiritual context, a vision is divine revelation, direction, and supernatural insight from God…Vision is the ability to see farther than your physical eyes can look." Click here to read.

Be Careful What You Hear (2/2020) With so much political hostility and hatred filling the air waves, we can get caught up in the crosshairs. What causes personal invectives grounded in hate and ill will to spread so quickly? The answer: words unfitly spoken. A word unfitly spoken can seduce the hearers by false misrepresentation of the truths so that they do not recognize the truth when they hear it, but a word “fitly” spoken has power to counteract every unfitly spoken word (Prov. 25:1112). The writer shares Biblical truths on how to escape the power of deception and turn around to be a light to the world. Click here to read.

Uncovering Deception (1/2020) Jesus said that He overcame the world - with all its oppression, adversity, stress, fear. How can we overcome the world with all its plagues, earthquakes, civil unrest, and partisan discord? The author explains how a Light will pierce the shield of spiritual darkness to unravel deception. Then we will hear the voice of God, and say, "though I was spiritually blinded by the philosophies of the world, I now see." What I see is to overcome the world, I need the knowledge of God. Click here to read.

Counteracting the Wisdom of the World with the Knowledge of God (2/2020) "For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (2 Cor. 4:6). This article sets forth false paradigms that Jesus came to straighten out in Matthew the 5th chapter. The greatest one was to love our neighbor and hate our enemy. The writer proposes a prayer strategy to cut through enmity. Click here to read.

Voting with Your Conscience in a World of Contradictions (2/2020) With information swirling around through social media to capture our attention, whose report should we believe? If we separate from partisan atmosphere, how should we then vote? This article sets forth moral principles to guide us in the voting booth. Click here to read.

Breaking the Stranglehold of Partisanship (3/2020) Author speaks to the divisive nature of partisanship, how it shuts people out, sows discord, corrupts morals, and can seep into the Church to divide God's people. When we are free from partisan rivalries, we will have a greater love for people on the other side, and we will find that what unites us is greater than what divides us, for we share a common humanity. Click here to read.

History Speaks (4/11/2020) Discern the value of reading, learning, and acquiring knowledge of God and history and its relevance to destiny through the legacy. Click here to read.

Lincoln's Message to America in Adversity (4/24/2020) The writer shows, first, the parallel between civil wars and plagues, second, that the "invisible enemy" in the 2020 global epidemic decimating economies and killing thousands comes from within man and not without, and, third, that the driving force of all wars is money and power. See how Lincoln’s use of moral power brought an end to the Civil War. You will understand why historians call his moral leadership a stroke of genius and what principle of all the principles became his enduring legacy, a legacy 155 years later that speaks in the current civil unrest. Click here to read.

Your Homeland Security (2016) Excerpted from Chapter 8 of Calling a Nation in Turmoil Back to God, this article sets forth a path of reconciliation with God, a path that was foreshadowed in the Old Testament before written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the New Testament. Now with the Gospel, the same presence of God that resided in the Wilderness tent of meeting, traveling with the people wherever they went, can take up residence in our tent (bodily) traveling with us wherever we go. Thus we know every day that our "homeland security" will always be Jesus. Click here to read.

Working the Fields (4/7/2020) - by Frances Blaize.
The author tells a story of the pearl of great price found in God's word and the power of the Kingdom of God. She then relates that the Kingdom of God is not located in buildings, but in people of God who found the pearl of great price. You will find them working in the fields where the treasure is hidden. Click here to read.

If My People (7/21/2020) by Flo Shaw, Director, World Network of Prayer. Article sets forth principles of revival and conditions to avert God's anger in times of judgment. Click here to read.

Jesus Saw You From His Cross (9/4/2020)
This article shares the unconditional love of the Savior for sinners and the price He paid to purchase our salvation and secure the blessings of freedom and liberty. Click here to read.

Taking Reconciliation to the Nation (9/10/2020)
The loss of moral authority and the breakdown of the brotherhood of man that established the moral fabric of the nation have put America’s freedoms and liberties in jeopardy. Biblical reconciliation is the only viable path to restore what is broken in families and to heal the nation of its wounds, and God's people must be in the forefront. Click here to read.

We Still Have a Voice (9/22/2020)
Author shows how Religious Liberty and Moral Law are intertwined and the one irrevocable power we have in times of national upheaval to push back the darkness. Click here to read.

Eyes That Cannot See (12/6/2020)
Author shows a dependence upon the worldly/political system for what it promises to deliver can blind us to the truth, blur our vision, and throw us off course. We become doubleminded bouncing back and forth between the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of the world. But we have a promise that Jesus opens the eyes of the blind, and if we follow His counsel, He will restore our vision, and we will not be taken captive by the spirit of the world. Click here to read.

Prayer Undergirding the Declaration (1/2/2021) - by the Rev. Dr. Lloyd J. Ogilvie, Chaplain to the U.S. Senate from 1995-2003. This message powerfully underscores the need for a deeper dependence upon God for the next Great Spiritual Awakening. Click here to read.

Winning the Battle for the Soul of America-I - "The Role of America's Covenant Partner" (1/26/2021) - Article describes how America's religious liberty is rooted in a covenant between the Pilgrim Fathers and God, their Covenant Partner. Writer identifies three powerful Biblical principles followed by our Pilgrim Fathers that delivered them from an English tyrant and formed an independent nation, the role of America's Covenant Partner in sustaining it, and how if followed today can win the battle for America's soul. Click here to read.

Winning the Battle for the Soul of America-II - "Repairing Broken Down Walls" (1/26-4/10/2021) - In a sequence to the preceding article, the writer takes readers back to the nation's beginning to see how far it has traveled from the immortal declaration that all men are created equal and the need for national reconciliation. Click here to read.

Becoming an Independent Thinker (3/29/2021) - Author shares the importance of becoming a critical thinker in today's harsh political climate, and how God's Word unlocks the mysteries of truth to make us think independently and navigate the maze of information that comes to us every day. Click here to read.

Winning the Battle for the Soul of America-III - "Standing upon the Unshakeable Foundation" (5/7/2021) - Today our power in standing for God-ordained rights, religious liberty, and freedom of self-government rests on the unshakeable foundation God established in covenant with the Pilgrim Fathers. In moral crises, we can always stand on what God built and not falter, because it will take us back to the cross where it all started. Click here to read.

A City Set on a Hill (3/30/2022) - In a time of great spiritual darkness, God is looking to His city, the Church, to be a lighthouse to the nation and sow seeds of reconciliation. Backed up by an awakening decades ago in a communist nation, the author shows that the launching pad for a great spiritual awakening begins with reconciliation in the churches. God wants to turn the fathers to the children and children to the fathers to break the curse of unforgiveness over the family and nation. Click here to read.