Free at Last Ministries really was the forethought of Christian friends who read my book, Free at Last, attended some groups in which the principles were discussed, and applied these principles to their own lives. They spoke the vision into existence for a far-reaching ministry long before I saw it.

Free at Last began as I applied the principles of biblical freedom and liberty to my own circumstances, which quite to my surprise elicited somewhat dramatic and immediate, supernatural results that motivated me even more. Part of my discipline was to write down truths and their application as the Lord revealed them to me and I applied them to my circumstances. In time, I had a 3-inch thick, 3-ring binder filled with typewritten personal testimonies that became the nucleus for my book, Free at Last, along with numerous other studies pertaining to restoration.

As I experienced spiritual authority and confidence coupled with freedom from fears and anxieties that had long held me captive, I began teaching the principles to others sporadically over 15 years. In 2006, God began raising up teachers who wanted to attend Free at Last classes so that they could use it in their own ministries. Individuals with a passion to minister to those held captive by substance abuse and alcohol addiction, criminal behaviors, physical-emotional, sexual abuse began expressing their desire to teach Free at Last.

Currently, this curriculum is being used successfully in small groups and in the prison system. The Free at Last curriculum is a resource to minister healing to women suffering from the Post-Abortion Syndrome.

Also, there is another targeted group—believers who seem to have it all together but discover to their surprise they may be bound by generational curses or strongholds that hold them back. Maybe, it is fear or jealousy/competition that was never acknowledged or confessed. These individuals will benefit from teaching on spiritual warfare and the liberating power of confession. Others are sitting in churches bound by the outward manifestations of the inner work of unforgiveness, producing fruit of hopelessness, bitterness, and negativity that hinders not only the Kingdom of God but their very destiny. For these reasons, Free at Last is for every person who wants to reach higher, but who needs to be purged and released from bondages and strongholds.

As people are delivered and come to know their true worth, they will be set free to reach their potential in the Kingdom of God, for it is such a time as this in which God is calling forth laborers for the Ministry of Restoration. This book is a testimonial that there is no hope outside of the promises of God because the worldly system simply cannot deliver. As we see our foundation crumbling, there is no greater remedy than restoring the principles of God’s Word.

It is my hope that this God-appointed vision will be released throughout the world to bring about a revival of righteousness. The key to healing is learning to use the Word of God as the power tool it is to lift us above our negative circumstances as we live it. Obedience to Truth is the surest path to freedom.

Carole J. Keller, Founder
Free at Last Restoration Ministries